Your Personality Style is Unique

Everyone’s temperament is a unique blend of the 4 DISC styles. Some individuals are very high in one style – but most of have two styles that predominate. 20% of us can switch easily between three of the styles – which makes us hard to ‘figure out’!

Blind Spots

Enjoyed this podcast about an aspect of human behavior.


Wonderful podcast about the influence we don’t know we have over others. This stops us from reaching out for help – when we are looking for a job, or just need a ride to the grocery store.

Looking for work?

Frustrated by all those assessments that employers seem to want you to complete? Here are some tips. Don’t try to finish them when you are tired. Don’t ‘lie’, i.e. try to answer in a way that you think the employer wants a successful candidate for the job to ‘be’ the assessment will ‘catch’ you at …

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Never Apologize?

Have you noticed that some people NEVER apologize? What’s that about.?Then there are others who are apologizing all the time, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Teaching Our Youth

We are fortunate to be affiliated with Teaching Our Youth who has helped us share the importance of teachers understanding the personality styles of their students. In one of our workshops, a participant kept getting texts from the teacher about their child. It was clear the teacher did not understand that the child’s behavior …

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Making an important Presentation?

Make sure you speak to all the personality styles if you are presenting to a group. It’s better to make your presentation “short and sweet” to appeal to the bottom line “D”‘s, while telling the “I”‘s that your proposal will bring them recognition, and reassuring the “S”‘s that your product or service will work smoothly …

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