The “Working Relationship” of the Dominant and Inspiring Types

The “Supportive”/”Cautious” Combination

On a personal level, these two reserved types get along very well, because they respect one another’s rights and privacy. Their working relationship is also very good because they are concerned about their work being done correctly, and how their work will affect others.

The “Cautious” “Cautious” Combination

The Cautious “C” personality style is slower paced and task oriented. Cautious “C”‘s relate well with one another because they both value quality work. It may take time for them to trust one another.


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Irreversible Sales Blunders

Judy presented Irreversible Sales Blunders in cooperation with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and NBKC Bank on August 14th. Comments from attendees: “It was a wonderful presentation and I learned a lot about myself and the way I approach business.” “Nice job!” “You were great!” “Very interactive and well worth your time!” Content of […]

Your Leadership Personality

Judy Bond presented “Your Leadership Personality” at the August meeting of the Golden Royalties chapter of the American Business Women’s Association.  Comments from the program chair: “Judy did a fantastic presentation on ” Leadership Personality” and the dynamics were great by the participants. We had two guests who joined that evening.”

Your personality style can be threatened!

In their book, “Who Do YOU Think you are Anyway”, Dr. Robert Rohm and E. Chris Carey reveal 25 great insights about personalities. #14 is “In many situations, your personality style can be threatened!” They give the example of attendees being asked to clean up the room after an event. Dominant style people have left […]

DISC for teenagers

I am looking forward to working with teenagers this Saturday. I’ll be using the Teen People Puzzle for the first time. It has some different descriptive words for the DISC Personality Styles that will resonate with teens.  For example: Dominant style teens like adventure and innovation!