Your Leadership Personality

Your Leadership Personality

Attendees have enjoyed the October sessions of “Your Leadership Personality!” The next presentations will be in January. Stay tuned for dates and times.


Thanks for stopping by the Bond Team, Inc. web site.   Just curious, are you interested in improving your personal performance or that of your team? We can help you understand your unique behavioral style and how that helps and hinders you in meeting your objectives. We provide workshops and consulting in the Kansas City and […]

Your Personality Style is Unique

Everyone’s temperament is a unique blend of the 4 DISC styles. Some individuals are very high in one style – but most of have two styles that predominate. 20% of us can switch easily between three of the styles – which makes us hard to ‘figure out’!

Teaching Our Youth

We are fortunate to be affiliated with Teaching Our Youth who has helped us share the importance of teachers understanding the personality styles of their students. In one of our workshops, a participant kept getting texts from the teacher about their child. It was clear the teacher did not understand that the child’s behavior […]

Making an important Presentation?

Make sure you speak to all the personality styles if you are presenting to a group. It’s better to make your presentation “short and sweet” to appeal to the bottom line “D”‘s, while telling the “I”‘s that your proposal will bring them recognition, and reassuring the “S”‘s that your product or service will work smoothly […]

Why is DISC Important if you aren’t Selling Something??

Most sales training incorporates some version of the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Sales professionals recognize the need to understand the different personality styles and how to adjust their demeanor and their presentation to fit the style of their prospect. I was speaking to a sales professional who had experience applying DISC in their business. […]

When you draw conclusions about another person’s behavior…

you are really saying more about yourself than you are about others. If you are pretty assertive, and your coworker is not, you may say they are “gutless”. You are thus assuming your behavior is good, and any one who acts differently must be bad. Adapted from “Personal Styles and Effective Performance” by Roger H. […]

Is understanding Personality Styles important to your career?

I’ve been working with career services programs in fields as diverse as forklift driving, audio engineering, java programming, medical billing and coding and certified medical assistant. The students all recognize how important it is to understand their personality style and that of their coworkers and clients.

Your Snowstorm Personality

The challenge of a winter snowstorm is just that to the “Dominant” personality. They’ll be out there driving in the snow even if they don’t have someplace they have to be. The “Inspiring” style is out there too – they didn’t check the forecast! What do you mean, my coffee shop is closed! The Supportive […]