SCARF Model – “F” – Fairness

SCARF Model – “F” – Fairness

Do you feel like your boss has different rules for different team members? Do some employees make more money that those performing similar tasks? Unfairness is a threat to teamwork and communication!


Thanks for stopping by the Bond Team, Inc. web site.   Just curious, are you interested in improving your personal performance or that of your team? We can help you understand your unique behavioral style and how that helps and hinders you in meeting your objectives. We provide workshops and consulting in the Kansas City and […]

SCARF Model – “C” – Certainty

The next element of the model is Certainty. If we know how to do something, we approach it readily. If we aren’t sure, we may avoid it. That’s why having ‘procedure manuals’ or in today’s world, YouTube videos, is critical to success.

SCARF Model – “S” – Status

I was recently introduced to David Rock’s SCARF model – using neuroscience to effectively work with others. This model helps us understand what makes people want to approach and get engaged in work or what may make them avoid it. “S” stands for Status. If someone we perceive has more status than we do – […]

Looking for work?

Frustrated by all those assessments that employers seem to want you to complete? Here are some tips. Don’t try to finish them when you are tired. Don’t ‘lie’, i.e. try to answer in a way that you think the employer wants a successful candidate for the job to ‘be’ the assessment will ‘catch’ you at […]

When you draw conclusions about another person’s behavior…

you are really saying more about yourself than you are about others. If you are pretty assertive, and your coworker is not, you may say they are “gutless”. You are thus assuming your behavior is good, and any one who acts differently must be bad. Adapted from “Personal Styles and Effective Performance” by Roger H. […]

Be Prepared

Dr. Rohm would never be without a pen – but he found his audience was!

Is understanding Personality Styles important to your career?

I’ve been working with career services programs in fields as diverse as forklift driving, audio engineering, java programming, medical billing and coding and certified medical assistant. The students all recognize how important it is to understand their personality style and that of their coworkers and clients.

Irreversible Sales Blunders

Judy presented Irreversible Sales Blunders in cooperation with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and NBKC Bank on August 14th. Comments from attendees: “It was a wonderful presentation and I learned a lot about myself and the way I approach business.” “Nice job!” “You were great!” “Very interactive and well worth your time!” Content of […]