Interview with SASH Coaching

  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted July 8, 2020
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Thanks for stopping by the Bond Team, Inc. web site.   Are you interested in improving your personal performance or that of your team? We can help you understand your unique behavioral style and how that helps and hinders you in meeting your objectives. We provide virtual workshops via Zoom. We have been affiliated with Personality […]
  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted January 26, 2021
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Did you Listen?

The first step to getting someone to change their mind – believe it or not – is to listen completely to their point of view, then repeat it back to them to insure that you understand it completely.
  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted December 17, 2020
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Connect on LinkedIn

I’m doing most of my blogging these days on LinkedIn, where I have a ‘built in’ following. Connect with me there!
  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted September 30, 2020
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Your Leadership Personality

Attendees have enjoyed the October sessions of “Your Leadership Personality!” The next presentations will be in January. Stay tuned for dates and times.
  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted June 4, 2020
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Your Personality Style is Unique

Everyone’s temperament is a unique blend of the 4 DISC styles. Some individuals are very high in one style – but most of have two styles that predominate. 20% of us can switch easily between three of the styles – which makes us hard to ‘figure out’!
  • By Judy Bond
  • Posted April 9, 2020
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Blind Spots

Enjoyed this podcast about an aspect of human behavior.