DISC Advantage

Interested in a DISC Personality Profile and a Plan of Action? No? If you don’t have DISC you are at a disadvantage! Why don’t you want the DISC Advantage? Contact me for more information – I have a limited number of virtual DISC Advantage booklets available – first come, first serve. Update – these are …

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Two visitors

I recently had two visitors – one came to help pick something up, the other to help make a delivery. They were both very task oriented, they didn’t say ‘hello’ or introduce themselves. They were there to accomplish a goal. Fortunately the person they were paired up with was more people oriented. I visualized that …

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Did you Listen?

The first step to getting someone to change their mind – believe it or not – is to listen completely to their point of view, then repeat it back to them to insure that you understand it completely.

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I’m doing most of my blogging these days on LinkedIn, where I have a ‘built in’ following. Connect with me there!

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