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Making Sense of Your People Puzzle

People Puzzle

Why isn’t everyone normal – just like me??

The intent of this fun session is to help you and your group gain an understanding of and insights to human behavior. When you understand someone’s personality, it will help you to be more effective in working with clients, co-workers, friends and family members.

This session can be customized to fit your group’s time frame and budget – from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Groups of 3 to 3,000 have benefited from this interactive session.


It takes all types on your team!!

The goal of this session is to help your staff work more effectively with one another by creating a new level of understanding. You will learn to apply ways to interact with team members and use their talents and abilities for greater productivity and better relationships.

You will learn ways to encourage team members’ participation and success. This session can be delivered in one 3-hour session or two 1.5-hour sessions. Completion of assessments by all participants is optional.

Groups completing assessments will receive a complimentary “Team Chart” graphically showing the makeup of your team. This workshop is best suited to groups of 5-25 participants to allow for plenty of interaction.

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