Do companies have a personality style?

I visited with a friend yesterday and he related an experience at a particular store. He needed help, waved down an employee and was told “this is not my department!”  This was before the employee had even heard his question, which was more general in nature.

The store he was visiting is an outlet of a very task-oriented company.  They don’t advertise great customer service. They will have your product available at a good price. But you may have to find it!

In this area, we have a grocery store chain, Hy-Vee, that is a people-oriented company.  Their tagline is “A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle!” If you ask where something is in their store, the employee will usually take you to the item, rather than say, “I think it’s in aisle 3”.

If you are a task-oriented person working in a people-oriented company, or vice-versa, you will be challenged because you are not a “culture fit”. But since companies need all types on their team, you can be a real contribution.  You’ll have to present your ideas in a way that will make sense to people who don’t “think” or “feel” the way you do.




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