SCARF Model – “R” – Relatedness

SCARF Model – “S” – Status

I was recently introduced to David Rock’s SCARF model – using neuroscience to effectively work with others. This model helps us understand what makes people want to approach and get engaged in work or what may make them avoid it. “S” stands for Status. If someone we perceive has more status than we do – […]

Your Personality Style is Unique

Everyone’s temperament is a unique blend of the 4 DISC styles. Some individuals are very high in one style – but most of have two styles that predominate. 20% of us can switch easily between three of the styles – which makes us hard to ‘figure out’!

Blind Spots

Enjoyed this podcast about an aspect of human behavior.


Wonderful podcast about the influence we don’t know we have over others. This stops us from reaching out for help – when we are looking for a job, or just need a ride to the grocery store.

Never Apologize?

Have you noticed that some people NEVER apologize? What’s that about.?Then there are others who are apologizing all the time, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.