A story of ice cubes

A story of ice cubes

Person A had a tray of ice cubes in the fridge – some were kind of small, others were normal size. Person A liked to use the smaller ice cubes for bottles of water or tea – they would fit through the opening. Dominant Style Person B saw these ice cubes, decided they were hopeless, […]

Do companies have a personality style?

I visited with a friend yesterday and he related an experience at a particular store. He needed help, waved down an employee and was told “this is not my department!”  This was before the employee had even heard his question, which was more general in nature. The store he was visiting is an outlet of […]

That Dominant and Direct Personality Style

This style is Outgoing and Fast-Paced! They’re very task oriented.  They can be misunderstood. Here’s a great article from Personality Insights about the Dominant Style: http://bit.ly/abouttheDstyle